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Overprinters and bag printers from SG In Scandinavia


We also build feeders, today we have three fixed models. A small 450 mm in feeder width, a medium 550 mm in feeder width and a large 650 mm in feeder width. We can adapt the feeders to suit more or less everything from laminators to printers. We can also custom build feeders for your specific needs.

More pictures and films will follow shortly.


The feeder is unique in its kind. It is a friction feeder, but unlike others, this feeder can feed everything from ordinary copy paper to envelopes, bags with handles, paper as well as plastic and 1 cm thick pieces of wood. Very easy to handle. Put in set the separtor running. The control panel is equipped with variable speed up to 30 metres per minute. Set the desired speed to match the input on the receiving machine and drive.

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