SG In Scandinavia AB


Overprinters and bag printers from SG In Scandinavia

We help the packaging industry
to meet future customer needs

We are a company in Sweden that cooperates with Postmark-Martin Yale industries. Some of the products we do in Sweden e.g. SG-1170. But it is a Postmark printer head with HP technology. The other configurations are made by Postmark in the USA.

Although we have some ready-made configurations, this does not mean that we are stuck with our models. Our strength is that we can make an entire printer according to what you as a user need.

Do you have customers who order often but in smaller batches, want to avoid stockpiling and need fast lead times?

Look into our world where we help small and medium-sized companies with feeding, single pass printer to print short batches, for example on bags with our paper bag printer directly on the packaging with our overprinter .


We also build feeders. Can be integrated with other machines.

SG Bagprinter

Four colour printers with feeders for e.g. bags, pizza boxes, boxes etc.

SG Overprinter

Stand-alone printer head. You can integrate this into an existing operating line.

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