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RECOsystems WB 4

RECOsystems WB 4 är den perfekta stans och bind maskinen för användning i hemmet eller på mindre kontor. Med denna maskin kan du enkelt producera presentationer, eller din privata fotobok. Optimal om du producerar små kvantiteter men behöver en superkvalitet.

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The RECOsystems WB 4 is the perfect punching and binding machine for home or small office use. With this machine you can easily produce presentations, records or your private photo book. Optimal if you produce small quantities but need a super quality.

Technical Specifications:

– punching and binding width: up to A4
– max. punching capacity: approx. 15 sheets (70/80 g/m²)
– max. binding thickness: up to 120 sheets (70/80 g/m²)
– for wire comb with 34 rings on A4 (pitch 3:1)
– for diameters 4,8 mm – 14,3 mm (3/16“ – 9/16“
)- size of punching hole: 4 x 4 mm- adjustable side stop
– adjustable margin depth- magnetic bar to support the binding process
– two wire holding devices
– weight: 10,6 / 9,8 kg
– dimensions: 530x520x400 mm / 610x320x380 mm *

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