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Enkel- eller dubbelsidig laminator för bokomslag.

En halvautomatisk lamineringsmaskin idealisk för omslagslaminering och inkapsling med filmer från 25 till 250 mikron. Justerbar temperatur av rullarna och hastigheten leder till en perfekt laminering. Finns med manuell- eller  halvautomatisk ”luftsugmatning.”

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Single or double side automatic laminatorwith automatic separator.ideal for single side cover lamination and encapsulation with filmsfrom 25 to 250 microns. Automatic separationwill be performedeither on single and double side BOPP overlapped sheets thanksto thepowerful built in tear-off system. 1000mtBOPP laminating rolls can be installed on top and bottomreel holder. Removable feeding plate will make the first set up ofencapsulation easier. 75mm diameter laminating rolls will grantperfect lamination result even at maximum speed. Independent adjustable temperature of the two laminating rollerswill preservethe quality of back print in case of single side lamination. Automatic high pile suction feedercontrolled by machine’s PLC willadjust feeding speed accordingly to laminating speed in order tokeep constant gap or constant overlap between the sheets. Adjustable de-curling bar provides flat results on single sidelaminations. All the settings and operations are controlled through one singletouch screen control panel and software engineeredto make machine’s setting fast and easy.


Technical Specifications:

Max working width (mm): 340
Max working width (mm): 340
Max paper width (mm): 350
Max paper thickness (gsm): 400
Max temperature: 170° C
Independent lower roller heating system can be switchedoff in order to allow single side (upper) hot lamination
Laminating speed: 5mt/min
Control panel with preset function
Roller pressure adjustment: manual
Power consumption (W): 2200
Power requirements (V -Hz): 230 -50/60
Dimension (mm):730x750x1420
Weight (Kg): 100

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