Multilam 350RW dual

Varm laminator för laminering och Foliering.

​Laminator försedd med värmerullar som tillåter användning av varma filmer. Perfekt för den som har lite mindre produktion och vill börja någonstans. Laminatorn har dessutom ett återupprullningsaggregat vilket möjliggör foliering och då även kallaminering.

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• Perfect for hot and cold lamination where bar anticurling and / or rewinding is required.
• Same basic specs as MULTILAM linear model but with extra options.
• Anticurling by variable height bar.
• Rewinding of film or paper backing.
• Super transfer lamination of spot gold/metallic foil, spot UV effect, matt black effect, hologram effect, sparkle effect using suitable transfer films.
• The fastest small format laminator to 4,8m/min at full speed*
• Large diameter upper silicone roller for optimal heat transfer to substrate and surface heat replenishment.
• Roller soft silicone for excellent sealing.
• Both rollers are heated with a combined 1400W, the most powerful in its size class, which enables amazing high production speed.
• Upper and lower roll holders with 1” (25mm) mandrels.
• Space for rolls up to 20cm diameter.
• Suitable for gloss and matt films from 30 to 250 micron
• Digital speed and temp control.
• Dual spring hot and traction roller lever with 5 pressure positions.
• Fully open roll gap to 5mm for board substrates

Technical specifications:

Power : 220/240v 50hz
Dimensions : 70x80x70cm

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